The Government revises the NOVISSI programme as all curfews are lifted in Togo

Lomé, 17 June 2020 – Following the announcement on 8 June of the complete Lifting of curfew and town closures the Togolese government announces a revision of the NOVISSI Universal Solidarity Income programme to better adapt to the national response strategy. NOVISSI was announced in early April 2020 at the same time as the state of health emergency was declared and curfews were ordered in Agoe-Nyive and Golfe prefectures.

In its response against COVID 19 during the state of health emergency, the Government ordered certain prefectures cordoned off and curfew instated in prefectures where high rates of positive cases were recorded.

To support Togolese whose sources of income were affected by the curfew. HE. Faure E. GNASSINGBE, President of the Republic, initiated “NOVISSI” a cash transfer programme that aims to provide the most vulnerable individuals and families with bi-monthly financial assistance via mobile money.

In line with Togo’s response strategy, the programme was systematically activated in the prefectures subjected to a curfew. Consequently, « NOVISSI » was first activated for the population of the Golfe and Agoe-Nyive prefectures before being extended to Tchaoudjo prefecture in Central Togo at the beginning of May

Over two months, 1379833 registered for the programme. A total amount of 11362973000 CFA francs was distributed to 567.002 eligible beneficiaries in Greater Lome (Ago Nyive and Golle prefectures and Tchaoudjo prefecture: 65.375 of these beneficiaries are women while 34,63 are men. The top three professions of these beneficiaries are resellers (40.2911, dressmaken (16.28) and housekeepers (1244%).

Towards a new approach

Per advice from the scientific committee, Togo’s response strategy has been updated in response to the stabilisation of the public health situation. From now on, strict response measures such as curfews will no longer be applied at the prefectural level but at the cantonal level. Thus, curfews will now be implemented in cantons where high rates of infection are observed. True to see to help the most vulnerable people in these challenging times, the Government will support eligible people in these cantons through the NOVISSI programme

The Government therefore invites the public to continue to register for the programme by dialling 855. This will ensure that they benefit from it should their canton be subject to curfew.

The Government recalls the Importance for all to continue to strictly adhere to all preventive measures to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country

The easing of the restrictions in Togo during the state of health emergency means that economic activities of the public may return to normal including for NOVISSI beneficiaries. However, these changes do not imply a reduction in vigilance Rather they must be a reminder to intensify collective awareness about the dangers of COVID19.